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BAS understands limited track time. With our specialized equipment and highly trained operators, you will have the safest and most productive access possible for your bridge inspections and maintenance.

Our equipment allows our BIV operators to have full control of the unit from the bucket. With hydrostatic drives, operators can move the bridge truck and the bucket smoothly and efficiently whether moving through trusses or dropping under a TPG style bridge.

  • Our rail units have been fitted with isolation switches so that boom #1 cannot be moved into a live track while working on a double track system.
  • When needed the rail gear can be shunted from inside the drivers cab.
  • The operator can move the vehicle from the platform while the boom is deployed under a bridge, utilizing its hydraulic creep drive system.
  • BAS’ services make it fast and easy for inspectors to get in and out without requiring extensive preparation or affecting transportation schedules.
  • Equipment rental comes with a one or multi-person team of BAS professional operators which enables you to utilize track time efficiently and focus on your core specialties.